Wulff Morgenthaler

Wulff Morgenthaler

Bei Wulff Morgenthaler gibts jeden Tag einen neuen (teilweise sehr bösen) Comic. Auf das Bild klicken um es größer zu machen.

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2 Antworten to “Wulff Morgenthaler”

  1. Mara Brodowsky Says:

    Hi Mikael and Andres,

    when I found your comic I thought ‚that’s great fun‘ and some of my visitors will love to watch them, too – some even daily :).
    Therefore I tried to find out about your copyright or whether there were any restrictions or special necessities concerning the copyright.
    But as I didn’t find any I took the offer to ’share‘ just the way what it means, especially as your daily comic contains all your formal information like ‚home‘, and the rest, I believe I didn’t hurt any of your ligitimite possessional rights as this is a private blog and I don’t use it for professional reasons

    The remark ‚ERROR‘ today made me use this way (via Google) to contact you on this behalf.
    Please let me know if there is anything against ’spreading the word‘ or in this case ‚the comic‘ as a kind of promotional means to people who might else never have heard of you and in case they want to make use of your cretivity in their business will contact you.

    If there is something like a ’note of permission‘ to show/promote your comic of the day let me know.

    I’ll be expecting your response.


  2. bloggenerator Says:

    ??? What are you talking about?

    I know none whos name is „Mikael and Andres“.

    And here you won’t get any copyright permission.

    kind regards

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